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Good day,

I already use the generic QoS rule to limit each connection's bandwidth, but I would like to limit streaming even more, but only streaming.  I am not an IPTABLES expert nor am I a Linux expert, but Google is a good friend.

It took some time but I found a TC and IPTABLES recipe on this website ( that looks promising but when I tried it on my RUT950 it did not work and after some CLI testing, the TC commands are not working.   When I enter a TC command that requires anything more than listing, I get the error "RTNETLINK answer: no such file or directory error."   After some more searching and testing, I found that it was because the "sch_netem" module is missing from the kernel.

Now I know that for devices such as this, storage space is critical and that hard choices must be made in which modules to include and which module to leave (and modules often come with dependencies) but is there a way to add netem, or is there another way to do what I want to do with the actual configuration?

Thank you.

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You can install the module with these commands:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install kmod-nete --force-depends
  • mv /lib/modules/3.18.23/* /lib/modules/3.18.44/
  • reboot
After the reboot it should be operational.