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Good morning. I have recently installed 5 RUT950s and connected them to the RMS platform. I am using them to connect a number of sensor gateways to the GSM network.

I have configured the RMS to send an email alert on event change ('online to offline') and it has been sending out multiple alerts (101 alerts in last 12 hours). When I look at the online diagnostics for my gateways they show no interruption of service, so I think these alerts are incorrect.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? Or suggest an alternative alert that might notify me if the router cannot send data back?

Many thanks.

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by anonymous


We have noticed that your routers have unstable mobile connection. This is the reason why RMS periodically indicates that router's went offline.

To begin with, make sure that both LTE antennas are connected to the routers.

If your routers are located in place, where they are obstructed by concrete/metal constructions (which could interfere with mobile signal), you can try using Wired Mobile antennas, which might help your router's to achieve better connection with mobile towers.

If, however, any improvement to mobile signal reception cannot be done, we would recommend to enable "Redundancy protection" on your RMS alerts, which will still allow you to find out when router's went offline, but will not cause repeating spam alerts for same disconnection: