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today I got my RUT240 and I want to use the router as a LTE fall back connection

I updated to the latest firmware 1.11.1 and setup my mobile connection

So far I can connect to LTE 4G but after some minutes the connections dropps to GSM only

4G = -77dBm

GSM = -93 dBm

So I regarding the RSSI, I expect that the 4G connection is much better and will be used

I configured to use only 3G/4G (tested also only 4G) but it loocks like this has no affect
I tried also "force LTE" without success

I tested 2 different sim cards.
The SIM card in my mobile router (Huawei E5770S) keeps the 4G connection

Operator is Telefonica Germany (O2/E-Plus)

APN: "internet" I tried also "", Automatisch Checkbox is checked

ConnectionType ist PPP
Dialing number: *99#
MTU: 1500
Connection Method: Automatic

Restart Connection button has no affect
Reregister button works sometimes for a short time

There is also an "Unknown" network type in between


So whats wrong with the router / the configuration ?

EDIT: Now I changed the connection configuration back from PPP to QMI (this was not working before, dont know why) and now the connection is stable since 45 minutes :)

1 Answer

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Is the connection still stable? If not, have you tried moving the router in order to get better signal? Have you experienced this issue with previous software and could you send me Troubleshoot file? You can download it by going to System>Administration>Troubleshoot.
Moving to a better position ^^ This is the best position :D

But to answer your question, the 4G connections is still stable as long as there is a datastream.

In "Standby" without any datastream so the internet it looks like the connection is toggeling between GSM and 4G or maybe no connection. At this point I can not thest the no connection setup because I have a permanent smal datastream over my LTE backup line.

Maybe as a feature request we can add an optional "Ping Option" so ping a server like every xx minutes to keep a connection stable

A similar feature is already added to the device, it is called Force LTE network.

You can find more details about it here: