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 I use RUT240 in a car together with outside roof mounted MIMO-antenna. Usually I have -60 to -80dBm but still the dataspeed seldom reach over 8-12 mbit/s, and more strange, it´s about the same even at really low signal strengts. I have locked the router to 4G/LTE only, before that the router often falls back to 3G although the signal is fairly strong on 4G.  I use APN "Internet", have tried also with "Services" but no difference.

On the mobile inside the car with the same operator (Telenor) I have steady 4G-signal and I can reach 15-25mbit/s with medium signals strenght, 2-3 bars out of five.

Are there any more specific settings in the router to check that can cause this?

I have not yet updated the firmware, should I try this, I see some issues with the latest version (1.111)?

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by anonymous

May I ask what phone you are using to compare the speed difference? Were you testing the router's internet speed while moving?
Many different factors might cause this difference.
I use an iPhone 10. The router is installed in a RV and used normally only when car is parked.

Yes I know many factors van cause the difference, like the processor capacity in the mobile and so on. But the primary question is why the speed is not rised when the signal strenghth is very good... I used a Huawei 4G-router earlier in the car, and at that time I saw often speeds up around 20 mbit/s, unfortunately there was other problems with this router that made me change to RUT240. I was recommended this equipment together with the outdoor MIMO-antenna.

Sometimes when I use IPTV in the RV the reception is interrupted, probably because of the low speed as the IP-box need to buffer the signal and so on. For the moment I have the router in my workshpo, just tested and the signal is -71dBm, speed was 8Mbit/s down and 4 Mbit/s up.   

My FW version says EC25ECGAR06A04M1G.

Update: Firmvare version is R_00.01.11.1, and this should be the latest, right?
by anonymous
4G LTE works perfectly up to about -90dBm, so the difference between -60 and -80dBm wouldn't do much effect. Also you have mentioned that you were getting better speeds with your phone. That is mainly because the phone's CPU is faster and it supports CAT12. Also, when you use your router, it is a bit slower as it has to travel trough more devices. For example when you are using your phone to connect straight to the internet there are no middle devices and when you use your router at first it has to reach the router via wifi and only then reach the internet.

You can find more details about mobile signal strength here:
Thanks for comment.

I already mentioned that  I´m aware of the phones higher CPU capacity as I also mentioned earlier. According to RSSI table for 4G LTE, -85dBm to -95dBm is poor and "Performance will drop drasticly", how do you mean with -90dBm working perfectly?

I use the LAN-connection on RUT240 for IPTV, I can´r see that this mean data has to travel trough more devices..?  4G -> router -> LAN ... still the reception stops occasionally... I also compared speed between LAN and WiFi-connected PC on the router, it´s about the same.

As I wrote, I think there must be som settings and prefereably something including my mobile operator (Telenor). Earlier when using a Huawei 4G router, also with an outdoor antenna, I did not have these speed or capacity problems, and always better speed when signal strenght was higher.

Of course the load at the base station will be a factor that affects the results, but after several moths travelling to different places in the RV, and checking at different times day and night there should be bigger differences in the performance dont you think?