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We are testing Teltonika in our company and have a question::

Is thera anyway to add a hostname in the router så it points to an ipaddress? This is for our network equipment so they can find a way out to our monitoring system...

We currantly run Cradlepoint routers but are considering a change... In cradlepoint the config for this setting is under dns->"edit or add known Host"..

We simply add hostname, select ip version (IPv4) and enter the external ip address for the destination..

Best Regards

Henric Börgeson

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it is possible, but you need to add it over SSH or CLI.

Try to edit /etc/config/dhcp file and add these lines in the end:

config domain
    option name 'hostname'
    option ip ''

Save file and reboot router.
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HI Simonas

Thanks for this, it worked perfect!
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For local purposes you can change the hostname in the System → Administration → General page. (Second field from the top).

For remote access you would need to use a third-party DDNS service. For extra info you can refer to these configuration examples or the DDNS manual page.