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Hi, can you please give me a way to check which GSM/LTE band are used when my RUT955 is connected to Internet provider with simcard1. It says connected in LTE, shows informations en dB, but don't show precisely the type of bande use, information of the antenna... In the case this product can give the information by webinterface, is there a way with ssh or with a free software which would be compatible.

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You can check the band in use with this command: gsmctl -A AT+QNWINFO

The response should look something like this:
+QNWINFO: <Act>,<oper>,<band>,<channel>


<Act>  - access technology type (e.g., WCDMA, GPRS, etc.)

<oper> - network operator in numeric form

<band> - the frequency band

<channel> - channel ID

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Connect to the router via SSH and try using this command: gsmctl -F you should receive something like this -> +QNWINFO: "FDD LTE","24602","LTE BAND 3",1850