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is it posible to define trought user script an function similar to Periodic control ( Chapter Periodic Control)  for DOUT2 but with more line for specific dates from year not only for days of week?

Could you give example please?

Kind regards

Ionut LAR

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It possible and you don't even need to write a script. You can use crontab for this. There is a guide on how to set up crontabs in Teltonika's Wiki.

To flip the value of DOUT2, you will need to use the gpio.sh command.

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thank you for your answer.

will crontab be runned automaticaly at router reboot ?

You don't even need to restart anything. It will work once you add the rule(s). Info from the cron man page:

"...cron will then examine the modification time on all crontabs and reload those which have changed. Thus cron need not be restarted whenever a crontab file is modified"