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Hi folks,

I noticed on the TRB140 PCB there is a small (U.FL?) coaxial connection on the board near the power connector (just to the right and behind the power connector towards the centre of the PCB).

Is it possible to use this socket to connect an aux LTE antenna (so that for example a 2x1/1x2/2x2 antenna can be used)?

I've tried to find documentation for this socket on the board but cannot find any reference to it and the only mention of antenna connections refers to the single SMA connection on the opposite end of the board.

Any insight would be most appreciated!

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In this case, what you will find is that the needed resistors and the circuit traces are not complete, this is because those inputs are used for Teltonika's checks and tests in laboratory, they are not intended to be used by final users, also that is why you won't find any kind of documentation regarding this I/O's
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Many thanks for the fast and helpful answer jpteltonika. Much appreciated! It's great to have the final answer on this topic. yes