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by anonymous
Giving a last chance to the RUTX09, I am wondering why some basic features are still missing:

-I can't enable data limit/warning

-SMS to get monitoring_status is not available

and probably some others.

Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous

The feature list is still being expanded. But Mobile Data Limit is available. You can set by going to the Network → WAN page, click the 'Edit' button (the one that looks like a pencil) next to the mobile interface. Mobile Data Limit settings will be at the bottom of the page.
by anonymous
I have nothing at the end of the page after the SIM failover section.

I am not the only one to have this issue.

I am running 2.02.
by anonymous
Can you try Ctrl + F5 while in the page?
by anonymous
It's not a cache issue.

Tried with Safari and Chrome.

The only way to the menu appearing is to manually mess with /etc/config/quota file.
by anonymous
Can you send me a Troubleshoot file via private message then? It can be downloaded from the System → Administration → Troubleshoot page.

Also, have you tried resetting the device? This could have perhaps been a 'Keep settings' related issue, maybe a factory reset would help.
by anonymous
That's the weirdest thing.

The Data Limit menu appeared since yesterday.

The only thing that happened is that this morning, I noticed that its configuration was lost overnight (also not reassuring).