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The status > system page display the Temperature of the device: is it possible to retrieve it and, by a script, to send it somewhere ?

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It's actually the module's temperature. The simplest way to retrieve it is with the gsmctl -c command. Or by using methods described in the other answer.

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Thank you Dziugas. Yes it's easier, just divide by ten.
by anonymous
what part of the module is this, the RF module, or the power supply DCDC converter, or other part of the cct
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Yes, you can read and monitor mos of the parameters of the Router via modbus TCP protocol. In the following link you will find an introductory example on how to use it.

And also you can monitor some parameters via MQTT protocol. In the following link you will find some useful examples

Keep in mind that while Modbus is a little more complex is more flexible when you implement the whole protocol available. Is up to you the degree of complexity you need to satisfice your monitoring needs.