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by anonymous
Hi, I'm testing the new 6.05.1 FW version on Teltonika RUT955. It seems that it's imposisbile to update profiles in case of need, as the "Update" button that on the previous version appeared on the currently in use profile is missing.

Also the creation of new profiles has a strange beaviour: it seems that every new profile is created by picking the parameters from the profile that was created first, and not taking them from the one in use.

I suspect a bug on this function.
I have the same problem on a RUT950 with FW 6.05.3.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Yes, there seems to a bug. We're looking into it. I'll inform of any updates.
by anonymous
What is the progress on this. This is causing me some real issues at the moment.
by anonymous

The bug is fixed, but the new FW is not out yet. If you wish to test the fix you can do i with this test FW.

It's only a test FW with this fix, not an official release. I don't recommend using it in real life solutions, only for tests.

by anonymous
Hi. Test firmware works. Thanks for providing that