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As above, i want to create a data VLAN and a VOIP VLAN, the VOIP VLAN and route these out of different sims. Is this possible and if so, how?


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No this is not possible, since currently all Teltonika routers can only have one SIM card active at a time. Second SIM card is only for redundancy.

Nonetheless, if you would provide Wired and Mobile internet access for the router, you could route one VLAN through mobile and another one through Wired WAN. That can be done using "Load balancing" router's functionality:

 - First you would need to navigate to "Network -> WAN" menu and select "Load balancing" option instead of "WAN Failover".

 - Then from "Network -> Load balancing" menu you will be able to create rule/policies, so that certain VLAN (based on rule's source address) would be routed to specific interface (Wired/Mobile)