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I cannot connect to the WebUI over https.

Do i have to add the root ca to my browser? Or is  somethin blocking my connection?

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It's not .pem or .pfx, but .crt. You can download it from the System → Administration → Access Control page:

Do i have to add the root ca to my browser?

Yes, otherwise the browser will not trust the certificate. It will be different for each browser, but there should tons of information on how to do it online.


When i want do add the certificate to my browser i get the following error:

Dieses persönliche Zertifikat kann nicht installiert werden, weil Sie den benötigten privaten Schlüssel nicht besitzen, der bei der Anfrage für das Zertifikat erstellt wurde.

This personal certificate cannot be installed because you do not have the required private key that was created when you requested the certificate.


Again, this is outside of the router's configuration, so it's not my specialty. But when I tested it with Chrome, this helped me: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7580508/getting-chrome-to-accept-self-signed-localhost-certificate