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by anonymous

Hi. I need to configure my RUTX11 so that when the WAN ethernet fails, SIM1 and SIM2 keep the internet connection working.

I set the Network WAN as follows:

and each SIM:

then set the failover TAB for each interface as follows :

So everything should be OK.

Now, I simulate the drop of WAN connection switching to OFF the WAN interface switch; the SIM1 is automatically set as the one in use, as confirmed by the SMS that I receive: "... Event type - Failover; Event text - WAN (mob1s1a1) is down, switching to backup WAN; ... SIM slot in use - sim1".

One first question: why the SMS says that "(mob1s1a1) is down"? In fact, it is the one in use, while the WAN (ethernet) is down. So, IMHO the SMS text is wrong.

Then, I simulate also the SIM1 drop, switching to OFF the SIM1 interface switch. 

The SIM2 doesn't turn ON automatically, as it should when both WAN and SIM1 are no more available. I get two SMS, one after the other: the first says " ... Event type - Failover; Event text - WAN (mob1s1a1) is down, switching to backup WAN; SIM slot in use - sim1" and then the second one is "... Event type - Failover; Event text - WAN (mob1s2a1) is down, no more backups to switch; ... SIM slot in use - sim1".

The texts of these SMS are not correct about which SIM slot is in use (SMS says that it is always sim1). IMHO they should elencate that the WAN is down, the SIM1 is down and the SIM2 in in use.

If I now change the SIM2 "default!" switch to ON (previously it was ON for the SIM1), the SIM2 comes to life giving internet connection and I receive the following two SMS from SIM2: "... Event type - Failover; Event text - Switched to backup WAN (mob1s2a1); ... SIM slot in use - sim2" and then "... Event type - Failover; Event text - Switched to backup WAN (mob1s1a1); ... SIM slot in use - sim2".

I don't understand the rationale behind the second SMS that says that RUTX11 switched to backup WAN (mob1s1a) while SIM slot in use is sim2. As you can see from the following picture, the SIM1 is still OFF:

If now I turn the SIM1 "default" switch to ON but I don't switch the SIM1 interface to ON, the RUTX11 switches internet to SIM1 as confirmed by the SMS received but displays the situation as shown below:

As you can see, the SIM interface is still OFF but nevertheless it is the one now used to give internet connection (SIM2 is stopped).

If I turn the WAN interface back to ON, I get the following screen, which is obviously wrong (SIM1 running and its interface switch still set to OFF). I think that, in this case, SIM2 should be the running one, even if it is not the DEFAULT, because the SIM1 interface switch is still set to OFF :

Please, can you help me to get the system run correctly?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thank you for feedback, we will address this issue in upcoming firmware updates. After release you will be able to find them in our wiki page, also I could inform you here, when new update will be released.
OK, I will wait. Hopefully soon...
by anonymous
Hi there - has this been fixed? I seem to be seeing the same behaviour on the latest firmware

Same problem here! I have used the same configuration on a RUTX09. (last firmware: RUTX_R_00.02.06)

by anonymous
Is this fixed? Have same problem also with RUT950 and almost latest firmware RUT9_R_00.07.00. RUTX09/11 latest firmware is also 7.0.

Sim failover worked well with version 6 firmare.

Should I have to enable failover also, I thought SIM switching is enough? I have only two mobile connection, without wired.
by anonymous
Located Sim Switch option with older fw and reloaded on the newest version. thanks