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by anonymous
TX LED is stuck on after updating the firmware on TRB145 (AU)

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by anonymous


I see no related cases so this might be a hardware related issue. Please try these basic steps:

  • Upgrade to the latest FW (if you already haven't).
  • Make sure nothing is connected to the RS485 port that could be causing data transmission. Best to disconnect anythings if it's connected at tall.
  • Perform a factory reset on the device.

If it doesn't help, the device might be eligible for warranty. Fill out this form and wait for a Teltonika sales manager to contact you. They will relay some question from a Tetlonika engineer that will be assigned to investigate the issue in order to determine whether the device is eligible for repair/replacement or whether it could be a firmware issue.

To speed things up, I suggest providing them a Troubleshoot file (can be downloaded from the device's WebUI, System → Administration → Troubleshoot page) and a photo where it is visible that the TX LED is constantly on even though nothing is connected.

More information on the warranty service can be found here.

by anonymous
Hi Dziugas,

The problem didn't occur until I upgraded the unit to the latest firmware.  Nothing yet connected to the rs485 port.  Just preformed a factory reboot, no change.

Definitely a software problem, looked at /etc/init.d/serial force_tx_led_off(), executed echo 1 > sys/class/gpio0/value and the TX LED turns off, also /etc/init.d/serial stop works as well.

Also setting the rs485 serial to "console" mode and the LED is OFF, setting it to any other mode including "off" and the TX Led comes ON.