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Tries to activate relay output (5-10) by two following rules. -Digital input (1-6) hi level (works properly) -Digital galvanically isolated input (2-7) low level (switches at hi and lo level, but does not trigger "reley output")

Is it not possible to combine the relay output trigger digital input high level and Digital galvanically isolated input low level?


After further testing, digital isolated input (2,7) works with Input rules "High level" but not with "Low level" Tested with SMS and relay output activation. Are there any software errors or something I've overlooked?

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by anonymous


It should activate relay output when you trigger digital isolated input. If you are choosing low level, first you will have to turn it to high level and switch it back to activate. With this input rule it works fine:

Also I would like to ask, how do you expect it to function. If you want relay output to activate, only when both conditions are met, it will not work. Output will be activated by last triggered input rule. For example if you get digital isolated input from high to low level it will activate relay output, but if digital input will go from high to low level a second later it will turn it of, and to turn it back on with Digital isolated input you will have it to go to high and back to low level again.


Hi and thanks for the reply.
I only use one rule at a time so that is not the problem. I found an answer in another thread that explained that I had to perform factory reset after firmware upgrade. After I performed this and reprogrammed device everything works as it should. Great product :)