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I have RUT955 and a company SIM card with private APN, so RUT955 can only see IP's from company pool, without access to the global internet, so I can not use some global NTP servers through mobile WAN.

But I need periodic time synchronization of RUT955, and I can connect some of the wired LAN ports to another router, with access to internet.Is it possible to somehow configure RUT955 that internal NTP time sync requests goes through the wired LAN port and another router ?

Note: Mobile WAN must stay connected all the time , as it is used in SCADA system.

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You can enable NTP server on the RUT955 that has access to WAN (from the Services → NTP page):

Then connect it LAN-to-LAN to another RUT955 that's in the private mobile network and set its NTP sever address to WAN router's LAN IP (from Services → NTP → Time Server. Make sure their LAN IPs are in the same subnet but not identical.

To better understand the idea, I drew this topology:

Is this what you need? (Obviously, with different IPs.)

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