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TRB140: Input/output and SMS utilities.

Q1. There are many inconsistencies between the explanation on the TRB140 Manual WebUI>TRB140 Input/Output and the Interface I read on my TRB140 R 01.05 

Q2. Mobile/SMS utilities/GPIO state : sms rule : I activate 2 rules : one rule does change the status of the output (i.e. On to Off) the other rule does not (i.e.Off to On)

Q3. Mobile utilities/Messages/Read messages/SMS messages: some messages are registered, some are not.

In conclusion, could you see if the R 01.05 needs to be updated/corrected ? Thank you



1 Answer

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Q1: the manual is still being added to.

Q2: I just tested it and both work fine on the same FW for me.

Q3: Again, tested it (sent 10/10; received 10/10) and I was unable to find any issues.