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We would like to put our application program onto this device. We want this application program to handle LAN and 4G communication on TBM140.

- Collecting some data via LAN port (Protocol is Modbus or General TCP)

- Converting collected data in TBM140

- Uploading converted data via 4G (Protocol is our original special protocol)


1) Is it possible to do that?

2) If it's yes, how do we create such kind of program? Should we prepare Linux PC?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Best regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Have you tried latest release of TRB?:

New release has something like this:

To add your scripts to TRB you can use user scripts:

Or you can use SDK and built your firmware with additional functionality:

I want to write my own application in C and able to run on RUT240.

Can you please tell me how is this possible?

I can compile my application using SDK provided ( I did make it and get toolchain. Using this toolchain, I compiled C code. However, when I copy these across to RUT240; It couldn't run this for some reason.

Please advise, how can I run this C code.
Hi, i got a very similar issue concerning TRB 140.

Up to present, we have been using a specific custom made protocol that transmits digital input changes from gprs modem to a data gateway, which in turn converts the data to  certain IEC protocol for SCADA. We have made the software in C and it runs natively in the modem device. Now, the current modem family has reached its EOL and we need a replacement for it. TRB140 would suit really well into this picture, but i really need to have a decent interface description upon how to handle modem functionalities and read/write the GPIO from from C-code. Also, i will need to have some kind of configuration interface for our own SW, but i think .ini file would be a decent solution for that. I checked the SDK instructions link from the previous response, but there was just an empty page?

Actually, we do also have some other plans in the future, so in case we succeed with this case, there might be also other projects following with other TRB versions ( i.e. serial port use).