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I have the RUT955 unit setup and is mostly working great. I have ethernet set up as primary WAN and mobile as the failover, which works great for and wireless internet connection. However, the failover does not work for serial data being sent through the RS232 port. I have tried adjusting the RS232 reconnect interval with no luck.

The port we are sending to stops receiving packets as soon as the ethernet is disconnected, (despite the internet failing over to mobile) and wont start again even when the primary WAN is reconnected. The only way I have managed to re-establish the serial connection is by rebooting the device, or manually disabling and re-enabling the serial connection in settings.

Ideally the serial connection would automatically reconnect through the failover procedure, but this doesnt seem to be the case. Is there anyway to fix this, or some sort of work around?

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Could you provide some more information about yours setup? What are you using to send or receive data from serial port? MQTT gateway, Data to Server or something else? And does it establish connection in the first place if you make Mobile WAN as default?

I am using data to server. Yes, it initially establishes if I use mobile as my primary WAN and ethernet as my secondary WAN. It behaves very similarly in this configuration. The internet connection will re-establish through the failover, but the serial data stream does not.

I have found that if I leave it on the secondary WAN for a long time (usually between 30 mins and an hour) the serial connection will automatically reconnect. Perhaps this is due to some sort of timeout? However, for the intended purpose, I need to make it much faster. Ideally as soon as the internet connection is re-established.