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Hi ive looked through other answers but not seen anything similar, I have the RUT240 & it will only deliver a maximum of 49Mbps download, however when the same sim card (EE SIM) is used in my Nokia 7 Plus i am getting 90Mbps, is this the limitations of the CAT4 modem?



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Cat4 can do 150Mbps, theoretically, however we have seen these units do 50Mbps+ so check you have the latest firmware.

This subject has been discussed on here before with other models, have a search :)
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Your maximum download speed is limited by the operator or base station load.

In good conditions, RUT240 can reach 80-90 Mbps, but it is only LTE Cat-4.

Nokia 7 Plus is an LTE Cat-6. 

LTE Cat-6 has carrier aggregation function, so download speed roughly doubles comparing with LTE Cat-4.