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by anonymous

Hi all,

At the wiki page I found the release notes of the bootloaders. however there are more versions in use.

I have 2.0.1, 3.0.0, 3.1.0, 3.2.0 what are the differences can you explain it.

Can you also upload the latest bootloader to the wiki page so we can update 2.0.1 bootloaders to the latest version.


by anonymous
I was looking forward to do the same thing since i received some boards with 3.2.0 but i was unable to find it for download.

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by anonymous


Router’s bootloader is separate entity from “router’s firmware” and does not affect router’s functionalities. Different bootloader versions simply add new hardware support (e.g. different Flash or RAM memory chip/controller). Flashing “newer” bootloader version into the router would not have any positive effects (since new hardware support has no impacts on older hardware routers). We do not recommend flashing router’s bootloader, unless instructed otherwise by Teltonika engineers.

This is the reason why 3.0.1 bootloader is the latest one, currently available to download from Teltonika wiki.

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by anonymous
Can you update the wikipage with the this information about the bootloaders for RUT240/RUT950.

I would like to know in which version you have solved which issues or added which functionalities.

We have updated all old RUT240 routers bootloader because there is a bug in the bootloader which cause the product not always startup correctly, this was indeed instructed by teltonika engineers. still wonder which version this problem is solved and maybe which old product should not be updated
by anonymous

Take note, that in the bottom of firmware downloads wiki page (e.g. here) there is bootloader's chagelog.

RUT2 router's startup process was improved with 3.1.0 bootloader version. If your routers have older bootloader version, you can install 3.1.0 bootloader version to solve startup issue. However, if router already has newer bootloader version (e.g. new device you ordered), do not downgrade bootloader version.

by anonymous
1. The wiki page wont inform you that you do not downgrade 3.2.0.

2. The wiki page inform you that the latest bootloader is 3.1.0, but the latest factory bootloader is 3.2.0.