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We are using the rut955 device for a numerous things including GPS for timekeeping. The unit have been configured as a NTP server so that client on the LAN interface can use it to sync time over the network.

However as the server part works fine, it stops working when the unit it rebooted. And the only way to make it available for ntp clients is to disable the server, save config and enable server and save config. 

It seems to be a boot runtime configuration error, as you cen reproduce the error at all times.


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by anonymous


Works well for me with the same router and firmware. Perhaps there's something wrong in the configs. Could you send me the router's Troubleshoot file via private message? It can be downloaded from the WebUI, System → Administration → Troubleshoot page.

Edit: the user sent me a couple of Troubleshoot files and I was able to find a bug that prevents the NTP server from starting when there is no Internet connection on the router despite time being synced via GPS, which doesn't require an active data connection.

The bug is registered on Teltonika's internal systems, but as of now there's no timeline for the upcoming fix. Before a fix becomes available, a temporary solution can be used. Add these two lines to the System → User Scripts page:

  • sleep 90
  • /etc/init.d/ntpserver start

This will ensure that the NTP server starts despite the router not having an Internet connection. Make sure to place the lines before the 'exit 0' line:

Best answer
I am about to start using the RUT955 in a vehicle with 4G WAN and GPS function and will be using the NTP Server function.  Has this issue been fixed in the current R_00.06.06.1 revision as it is not listed in the change log ?