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Despite creating rules in the built-in firewall to block all traffic from one vlan subnet to another, ICMP Ping still works between these devices. Is there a way to disable this?

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Traffic between devices in different VLANs is blocked by default, you don't need additional firewall rules for that. But any device from any VLAN can ping the router's IP address on all VLAN interfaces.

Let's say you have two VLANs:

  • Network:; router IP:
  • Network:; router IP:

In this scenario devices from cannot ping devices in and vice versa (so no additional rules needed. But, for example, if you ping from a device that's in the network (or vice versa) - the ping will work. If you wish to block specifically that, you must block input on each interface for destination.

If we continue the example above, you would need to add these rules to the Network → Firewall → Custom Rules page:

  • iptables -I INPUT -i br-lan -d -j REJECT
  • iptables -I INPUT -i br-lan_lan2 -d -j REJECT

Where br-lan is the default LAN interface name and br-lan_lan2 is the LAN interface that I created manually. (You can check the names of LAN interfaces in Network → VLAN → LAN Networks.)

If you have three interfaces instead, you will need to block 2 destinations on each interface, i.e., 6 rules total.

If you're having trouble with this, you can send the router's Troubleshoot file (can be downloaded from System → Administration → Troubleshoot) via private message and can help you create the necessary rules. Just tell me which addresses aren't supposed to communicate with each other.

Hi,Thank you for clarifying.
How do you block one VLAN from accessing the internet and allow the other to have internet access but at the same time allowing communication between the two VLANS. I am using RutX11