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I am considering to use a RUTX11 with an external Poynting MiMo antenna on our boat. Since we tend to stay off grid for longer periods of time, I am wondering what the average/idle power consumption would be of this router? With the RUT240 and RUT950 idle power is stated to be less than 2W, however this number is not available for the RUTX11. I won't be using advanced services such as VPN and high bandwidth demand will be infrequent.
Hi Lex & Jan

I would also be interested in this figure for exactly the same reason - I want to run it for extended periods from my boat batteries.

I guess I may find out soon enough when I install it on my boat in April...

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by anonymous


The device is rated to 11W at full capacity. Despite that measurements, we haven't validated the Power Consumption of the device in high detail for different scenarios, even tho, this device can be effectively used in autonomous solutions due to its very flexible powering options.

Even if we provide such information, our recommendation always will be is to get a sample and reproduce the specific scenario you are facing in your project and take such measurements adjusted to the level of precision you need in your project. 



Thanks for your answer. I understand that it is difficult to give exact details for each specific scenario. I would only like to know what the average power consumption is when idle. Since you have these numbers for your other devices, I assume you would be able to reproduce these for the RUTX11 as well? I do appreciate that the flexible powering options support a variety of mobile and autonomous scenario's, but still there is a big difference in battery capacity required when consuming 11W versus 2W when used 24 hours a day, for multiple days in a row without grid connection.

KR Lex
by anonymous
Thanks for the feedback.

Surely those numbers will be available in the time ahead as it was the case with the older models like RUT240. And remember that the 11W consumption ins adjusted to the worst scenario for the engineering point of view.

I am interested in this data too -  I assume that 1 year later you can name it?