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Does the RUTX11 support WPA2 enterprise? ie authentication via radius rather than PSK?

I can't see any options for WPA-EAP etc in wireless security whereas it states it should have it here:


We require the RUTX11 to act as a radius client (as it does with the hotspot) but just for the wireless clients ie no hotspot features (ie Wireless clients connect to an SSID on the RUTX11 and authenticate via external radius server)

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No, it does not currently support WPA-EAP. You were checking the manual page for other routers. For RUTX11 WiFi refer here.

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Is there any plan to support this? As the RUTX11 is one of Teltonika's top offerings in the RUT series, it's a fairly big omission to not have radius authentication for wireless clients.

Yes, it was in the plans. As a matter of fact, it just so happens that a new RUTX FW dropped today and this one contains WiFi authentication with RADIUS. :)

You can download it from here.

Wow..... now that is service!!



Small update: they found a bug concerning SIM switch on this FW, that's why it's no longer available publicly. A fix should be out shortly, and uploaded here. If the SIM switch function does not concern you, the firmware I sent you should work fine otherwise.

SIM switch doesn't concern us currently. We use the RUTX11 failover as:

Primary WAN: wireless client connects to our network when vehicle is in premise
Secondary WAN: 4G when vehicle is on the road

Be great if the radius server could be a radius group containing radius servers (for redundancy) or to be able to specify a secondary radius server. But hey ho, it's on this firmware (yet to test) and the firmware seems to have sorted out some other bits within RMS
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No, it doesn't!
It does with latest firmware and I've tested it and confirm it's working.