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Hi there!

I am Ivan Tan, and am working on a autonomous drone that uses the RUT955.

I have a sensor that outputs a 5v “High”, 0v “Low” PWM signal.

May I know if it is possible to use the digital input pins on the RUT955 to read this signal?

If this is possible, I can write a Linux script for the RUT955 to read this PWM signal and send it to my computer over wifi.

Thank you for your time!

1 Answer

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The internal check routine to measure the inputs runs at about 1Hz, so it' is not capable of reading PWM signals, The workaround for this would be to install a PWM-Voltage converter to read the conversion through the analog input or use a microcontroller like arduino to send the data via RS-232.
I see. I'll work out something then. Thank you for your reply!