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by anonymous
I want to ask what is the difference between routers rut955 with mikrotik?  Can rut955 router be used as mikrotik ?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

What's your specific needing? There are so much routers of each brand and each one have different features.

RUT955 is a robust router, but we have to know what do you want to do with it to can help you.

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by anonymous
I plan to configure the CCTV to a mikrotik router, how to about configure an online CCTV remote control with rut955 of mikrotik and save to drive vps ?
by anonymous

can it configuration like that ?

by anonymous
When you say CCTV remote control.... Do you just mean, Run DYNDNS and perhaps some Port Forwards for Remote Viewing?

If so, yes. Depending on your Sim Service. You'd want a Sim provider that can offer Public IP (if you're not going to use a CCTV Cloud based remote viewing service)
by anonymous
I want to use CCTV so that it can be controlled remotely ...

that means I can configure it via DYNDNS ??
by anonymous
And where i can get lookpuphost, hostname and others ??

Do I have to buy service from

I'm confused sir, for the configuration..
by anonymous
Ok. You'll need a Sim provider that will provide a 'Public IP' address, not a Private IP address.

You can then use a DDNS service such as and Yes, You'll need to pay a yearly subscription. There are a few free alternatives, that i have not had alot of experience with.

Once DDNS is configured, you can then configure your port forwards from an external port to an internal IP and designated port.

What part of the configuration are you struggling with?

1 - DynDns

2 - Port Forwarding