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by anonymous

I have the router RUT955. The router is connected to the internet via mobile interface. The DHCP server for the LAN interface is deactivated, because the connected LAN devices have fixed IP addresses.

Now I want to use the WiFi Access Point for other devices (e.g. smart phones, laptop, etc.) to connect to the router and use the internet. At the moment it still works with devices with fix IP addresses. Is there a possibility to run a DHCP server only for the WiFi AP?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

It is not possible to do so if you want to use a same LAN. But you can configure a VLAN and use it on Wireless access point.

You can find more details about VLAN's here:
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by anonymous
Sounds pretty simple unless you don't want the devices with Static IPs seen from the DHCP client of WiFi and Visa-Versa?

If your not worried about visibility, just turn on DHCP and make sure your devices with static IPs are outside of the DHCP pool address and you wont have an issue.