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For most of our usecases, we need to have a NodeRed integration on routers.

Ex : Modbus read / write, Data format, Cloud connection

Is it possible and/or in roadmap ?


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by anonymous

I've achieved this on a fairly basic level just using a mix of the MQTT topics and SNMP.

What fields/data are you wanting to feed NodeRed from the RUT?

What is your hardware model?
I have a RUT240 and RUT955, I want to use the hardware capabilities and network connection but I need to easily program data to read, Json format as described and how to push / where.

For me, Nodered is the most userfriendly programming tool to adapt to each case.
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Basically, I need to read (FC03) some registers on Modbus/Modbus TCP, assign a name, a timestamp (EPOC Time) using this JSON Format like this


"metrics": {
"assetName": "Register1_Name",
"Variable1": "Register1_Value",
"Variable1_timestamp": "Epoc Time for Variable1",
After formatting, I need to push it by MQTTs on Azure IOTHub
by anonymous

I'd be putting a little Pi onsite to run your modbus connection to device, then just host the internet connection from a RUT of some sort. Push the data over the web via mqtt or something similar if you can simplify the replies.

As it stands though, You cannot 'Host' a nodered session on the Teltonika gear.

There is some modbus functionality on the RUT955 i have noticed, It appears as though you could send the modbus directly from the RUT to modbus server somewhere else. See image below.

by anonymous

There is also some mqtt support, unsure exactly how it works, but presumably you could send the modbus data out to a designated topic on a broker somewhere. See image.

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You are right Justin. That's why I'm asking for a Nodered hosted on Teltonika Router or gateway.

Modbus data to sender by MQTTs is limited if you can't modify the server application on Cloud. For example, on JSON segment, %t return linux timestamp without ms.

JSON segment could only send the SlaveID Number, not his name. And data are only described as an array of register, based on address...

If you monitor hundred of devices, it's difficult to rename all values.

If any case is different for different usecase, it will be better to integrate Nodered to adapt the data formatting, even if it's a vanilla version without ability to add complete node.

With it, you can answer to many usecases without modifying firmware.

Ps : using a little Pi isn't possible on industrial case, not compliant with harsh environnement.
by anonymous
I see your predicament.

There's lots of industrial/harsh environment type hardware units that have nodered pre-loaded for use.
by anonymous
Did you get a solution in regards to this: if you did please share how you managed to send the data to  node-red (I also have a RUT955 and I want to send Rs485 Device data to the Node-red?)