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I connect the rut955 to a network in Wireless Station Mode.

When i create a wifi network with the rut955 to connect to the rut955 wireless.

and communicate with the internet by the connection made by the rut955 wireless satation mode, and another router

When i reboot the router the rut955 can't connect to the other routers network, so there is no internet. unless i disable the network that the rut955 creates AP

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Hi Mate,

I feel your pain also with this one, i am experiencing the same issue. It only seems to be single connect and no re-connect function.

It's possible we may be able to run our own command, to force a reconnect of STA mode. Just going through the motions of it all now.

I shall keep you posted.
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We are checking this situation ant looking for a solution.

While we will be investigating the issue you can try to use “Multiple AP” setting as a temporary fix. The setting can be found Network > Wireless > Multiple AP.

Hi, any updates on this?