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Hello all,

I've been testing an RT950 for use as a a secondary/backup connection,

I have a requirement to use bridge mode/IP Passthrough (In the first instance, it doesn't matter so much which) to put the sim's Pub/Stat IP on the device behind the RT950.

Unfortunately we will not know the MAC of this device prior to shipping to site, and site visits/configuration after delivery are unfeasible,

Is there a way to disable the requirement for MAC address on the bridge or IPPassthrough modes?

(P.s a Static NAT is not suitable for the use case unfortunately)

Thanks in advance for your help!


2 Answers

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by anonymous
Hello again,

There is a new FW version available to download:

In this FW version using bridge mode does not require it to bind to MAC.
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Iis it also possible for RUT240 not to be obliged to know the Mac address ? cause it's complicated for mass deployments when we bundle it with our firewalls.
by anonymous

The answer is no. You have to set Mode to "Passthrough" and change DHCP mode to "Dynamic". In this way the GSM operator will connect to the router first and give out an IP address to one of your connected devices. The device will be selected at random, therefore, you should usually use Dynamic mode when you have only one device (e.g., computer) connected to the router. You can find more information on Passthrough and Bridge modes here.

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by anonymous
Hi, have you checked dynamic DHCP mode for passthrough ?