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by anonymous


We have set the device ( RUT240)  and  connecting via RMS to some test pages .

When the page does not have any includes, it loads fast,

 but as soon as a page has includes ( example : an external js file ), it takes an unreasonably long time to load.

The page load delay apears to be due to a long wait time (Time To First Byte); The same page loads significantly faster when connecting directly to the end-device (ie: not through RMS).

Here is the link we are testing

 Can you suggest how we can improve this?



1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello dev,

Just to make sure. You are using RMS to connect to devices behind RUT240, that you have configured in RMS in Overview menu, Action Tab, Access section, then access it through generated link. And if page contains something like JS file it takes long time to load. Correct?

Best regards,

by anonymous

Hello VidasKac,

Yes, that is correct. 

It seems that you are checking ( and re-writing if necessary ) HTTP requests, and it seems like this is where the delay is coming from.

here is the same test link with the given token


you need to refresh/reload first page to see the link to the second page

The  page has includes  ( src="include/jquery.js ) and loads very slowly


by anonymous
Hello dev,

Could you also tell me which FW version is installed in yours RUT240? there were couple of fixes included in latest release, that could have influence in this kind of problem.

Best Regards
by anonymous

Hello Vidas,

I have upgraded my RUT240 to the latest FW ver.: RUT2XX_R_00.01.11.3 

and re-tested the performance of the link   ( using RMS . see above  )

Sadly to say, nothing really has changed.

Should I check any other setting?

Thank you