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After upgrading to RUT9XX_R_00.05.02.5, I can no longer connect to for the router admin when connecting via WIFI through the Hotspot login.

If works when I disable the hotspot or when I'm connection though the LAN cable.

Any ideas how I can get access to back through the hotspot login?

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by anonymous


To reach your device via when connected to Hotspot you’ll need to append one firewall rule.

In WebUI → Network → Firewall → Traffic Rules find a rule called “Hotspot_input”, then click “Edit” button and by the field “Destination port” insert port 80 or 443 if you use HTTPS.

Appended rule should look like this:

After you save your configuration you’ll be able to reach your router’s LAN IP from Hotspot. Router's WebUI was made unreachable with default settings from Hotspot to compartmentalize network for security reasons.

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Try using the AP IP you used, the default is 

If not, check the IP address you are assigned and use the gateway IP address.

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by anonymous

There might be multiple reasons which can cause this kind of Issues. Some of the Main Reasons are :-

  • Incorrect IP Address : Some times, you might have Entered Invalid/Wrong IP Address which may not be your Default Gateway Address.
  • Due to Firewall : Make sure your Computer’s Firewall isn’t Blocking/Preventing the Connection. If Possible, Disable Firewall for sometime when Configuring your Router.
  • Connection Issues: Make sure that Cable is connected properly. Sometimes, May be your Cable is Broken or it Might also be due to Weak WiFi Signal Strength.
  • Wait few Mins : Once you turn on your Router, Wait for some time to get your Router Network Booted up. Then only Configuration page occurs.
  • Invalid Username or Password : In some cases, entering Incorrect Username/Password Causes these Errors. By Default, you can enter User:Admin / Password:Admin

Most probably, These are the reasons you are not able to Access Gateway. Checkout these Router Settings for Better Network Setup. 

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by anonymous IP address is one of the most popular IP addresses for routers. It's used to enter in web-interface which also known as admin panel.