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by anonymous
We have a private APN and do not need the NAT function for the 4G connection. If we disable this, it asks for a MAC address.

What MAC address do we enter into here? I can't see any info for it.

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by anonymous
Hello lou1z,

Could you explain why you do not need NAT functionality? With custom/private APN you get Static Public IP (I assume that is the case) from yours mobile provider, but you would still need to translate private IPs (like 192.168.x.x) of devices in yours LAN to yours public IP, for them reach WAN (internet). Or do you have some other setup?

As for MAC address it shows, because when you select bridge mode, it lets connection go through router transparently to another device, so you need to assign MAC address of that device (e.g. yours PC) in this case it would be yours PC that would receive Public IP address, not Router.

Best regards,
Hi, we do not need NAT because the IP we receive from our mobile provider is in the private range This terminates within our MPLS network so there is no public access to or from this network.

Therefore, we would like to just route rather than NAT so we can reach all devices behind the router without having to resort to port forwarding etc.
by anonymous


Sorry for late response. To turn off NAT on RUTX devices you will have to go directly to Network > Firewall > General settings and turn off masquerading flag interface that you do not need NAT on. 

Best regards,