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I'm unable to connect EE sim card. Works fine using iPhone, but with RUT955 can connect. I've tried downgrading the firmware to different versions, changing all possible settings, nothing seems to work.

Data connection state Disconnected
IMEI 865546041132461
IMSI 234304170550994
ICCID 8944303402706824500F
Sim card state Ready
Signal strength -89 dBm
Cell ID N/A
RSRP -113 dBm
RSRQ -12 dB
SINR -2.5 dB
Operator N/A
Operator state Searching
Connection type 4G (LTE)
Connected band LTE BAND 20
Bytes received * N/A
Bytes sent * 4.0 KB (4121 bytes)
by anonymous
What APN, authentication and other mobile configuration are you using ?

Can you confirm you have the GSM antennae connected and not the GPS?

Are you able to try a different SIM. We use KPN sims here (in the UK) and they will roam onto the EE network.

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by anonymous


Upgrade your device’s firmware to the newest version, it can be acquired from our wiki page:

Then if issue persists, PM me with troubleshoot package so I could investigate the logs and configuration. Troubleshoot file can be downloaded in WebUI → System → Administration → Troubleshoot.

From currently given data it can be seen that device doesn’t connect to any operator.

Use “Scan” button in WebUI → Network → Mobile → Network Operators and check if device sees any Mobile network operator.

Was this resolved? I'm having a similar issue on a 950 with close to identical settings to the above (LTE Band 20 but no operator connection). A scan shows EE (23430) and Three (23432) as expected -- I've used the sim in question in a different modem to connect from the same place successfully. I've filled in the usual EE APN/PaP details.

I'm not on the latest firmware it looks like (06.06.01) so I'll try that next.

Update: Same issue with latest firmware and EE APN from the built-in database. Will try debugging further with the previous single-sim modem.