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by anonymous
I use a RUT955 to send sms via command from vba code of the type

Set oHttp = CreateObject ("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
oHttp.Open "GET", " message"
dummy = oHttp.ResponseText

That should be equivalent to sending a command from the web browser address bar

After send the command, it takes about 20-30 seconds for the transmission to take place and the router to respond with OK
If the same command is sent within a few minutes of the first, the router's OK response time is a few seconds
The same thing for subsequent commands
It seems that there is a delay in serving the first command after a pause of a few tens of minutes, as if the router went to sleep for the SMS sending service
The question is: how to eliminate the initial delay between sending the command and answering the router?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

There shouldn't be such delay, do you get same results if you enter command directly into browser? because it is possible that this first delay is result of something on yours application side. If it's possible maybe you can test it and post what did you get?

Because I could not replicate the effect using Post/Get commands

by anonymous

I tried right now with the following command: di invio esse-emme-esse

inserted on Chrome address bar
After a little bit of router inactivity, it takes about 15 seconds to get OK in response the first time it is sent
From the second attempt onwards it takes much less, 2-3 seconds to get the response from the router

How long does it take on your router?
What firmware version does it mount (mine is 6.5.3)?

by anonymous
For me it's almost instantaneous, then another question is are you using router for other purposes? Other devices using WiFi or LAN and internet, or any other functions, or are you leaving it completely idle for a period of time?
by anonymous

No other use

It is used only for sending sms
But there is a 'sleep mode' that must be disabled ?
by anonymous

I am using same FW - 6.5.3, and no there is no sleep mode to disable on RUT955 it is always active.

Another question is what device is executing yours script / sending GET command to router, and how is it connected? Is it possible that it drops connection after some time of inactivity and needs to reestablish session with router if it was inactive for some time?
by anonymous

I am using Chrome or Firefox to send commands to the Teltonika router
Router which is connected to the lan with ethernet cable, to the same switch to which the pc used to send the commands is also connected
And therefore, apart from the ethernet switch, there is nothing between the computer and the router that can go to sleep and prevent the connection
But in your case, if you use a web browser to send the command, after how many seconds do you get the OK response in the browser window?

Command on web browser address bar, like this message

Same thing even if the router has not been used for more than 10 minutes or does it change?

by anonymous

I have tried sending messages to routers that have been idle for at least couple of hours through LAN (ethernet cable / WiFi) WAN (Mobile public IP) and it takes up to 3 seconds 5 max once.

Is it possible to try it with direct connection to router either through WiFi or ethernet cable without anything in between? Like connecting your phone to WiFi and sending GET command from it? Because there is no sleep mode (RUT850 is the only one that has it).