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I added a Teltonica RUT950 to our RMS and realised I had put the WAN Mac address and needed to change it so i unregistered the device from RMS but when I go to re-add the device to RMS it tells me that there is a already a device with that serial number and MAC address, even though it doesn't show up in any lists in RMS. Any solutions?

2 Answers

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by anonymous
Make sure your filters are clear, and search for the serialnr or mac if the product is still there you can remove it and register it again with the correct mac adress.
my filters are clear, and a search for the mac address yields no results
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by anonymous

Can you send me a private message with serial number of your router?

Not sure how to send a PM, but my serial number is 

by anonymous
To send private message, you would need to create new account on the forum.
I was not able to find device on RMS with such serial number, thus it could indicate that other device with the same MAC address is already registered on RMS.
Please navigate to System → Administration → RMS in router's WebUI and make sure you're entering correct serial and MAC address.
If both parameters are correct, please provide the image of router's RMS window.
For security reason, it would be best if you would send such image via private message once you created forum account.