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Is it possible to configure RUT that, all emails would be forwarded through SMS  to a specific recipient ?

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This is not implemented in RUT routers. Email to SMS would only forward emails with a certain subject. Forwarding all emails would require building a custom solution.

Here are a couple of links regarding this subject:

- Building a custom firmware
- Writing a custom script

Best answer

Could you provide me more information about option "Writing a custom script"?

On the wiki there is dialog box for startup script. 

Does that uploaded file runs once or it runs in a loop?

Also I assume, that for a script to work I need to have email software inside of a router?

At the moment I can only think this kind of workaround: periodically check if there is a new email and forward it to the same mailbox (from me to me) with telephone number added to subject field

I am not familiar with shell scripts, sorry if this question looks stupid 

Does this kind of workaround looks possible to do without firmware edit and only through shell script?  

The script is executed once after startup but if the script itself is a loop, it will run as a loop.

Your solution should be possible to achieve with shell, but I'm not fluent enough in shell to write a script for you. But I can certainly look into it and maybe find a programmer that could help.

Am I correct in assuming that all you require is a script that redirects all emails in a certain inbox to SMS? Just checking if you haven't left out any details.