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I wish to attach 4 different gigabit devices to the 3 LAN + 1 WAN ports and sharing the same subnet with other Wi-Fi devices so that all of them can access to internet through SIM1. What I was able to do is:

a) Correctly use to the 3 LAN ports and WiFi to access Internet, but I was unable to use WAN port as LAN.

b) When configuring WAN port as LAN (following this link: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/9406/how-do-i-set-wan-ethernet-port-as-lan-on-rutx09)  the "wan" interface need to be disabled and then all the devices are no more able to access Internet (despite from the router I'm able to ping out). 

I'm almost sure it's a problem of VLAN+WAN configuration, but at the moment I've not found the right way to do so. Anyone can help me please?



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I tried your scenario on my side and i was able to make it work :) 

How did i configure it: 

1. Updated the router to the latest firmware with wiping all configuration so that it is like a fresh one.
2. Login to the Web UI and configured the settings like time,password,lan,wifi and rms.
3. Now I went to Network > WAN then manually turned off Wired WAN save and apply like the image below:

4. Now I open putty vi /etc/config/network then edit on the lan interface option ifname "eth0 eth1".
It should be like this: 

then /etc/init.d/network restart 
5. Then after that i inserted the sim card and rebooted the router. 

Hope it helps :)