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I'm trying to understand the wording of the PoE support for the RUT230 router.

The Wiki page says "The device is NOT COMPLIANT with the IEEE 802.3at standard: it cannot power other devices over Ethernet.".

If I have a PoE+/802.3at switch which I want to power the router from, the above says that it isn't compliant as it "cannot power other devices". Does this mean it cannot be powered by a 802.3at switch or it can, but just can't provide power for another device? Does the Wiki mean that to be 802.3at compliant you have to support both being-powered and powering via the standard?

I'm specifically looking to power the RUT-230 from a Aruba 2530-24G/J9773A PoE+ switch.

Please don't suggest that I just read the Wiki, I'm trying to understand the ambiguous wording of the Wiki page.

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by anonymous
Yes, RUT does not support 802.3af and 802.3at, but supports passive PoE.
You need to find out if your IEEE802.3at switch supports manual output voltage setting that do not require a PoE handshake.
If manual setting is possible, you can set the required VDC value and provide power on the RUT230 interface.
Best regards.
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Thanks for clearing that up, it might be worth updating the Wiki pages as the second line (regarding IEEE802.3at) suggests that it will work with that standard for receiving power but just isn't fully compliant because it can't power other devices.

Are there any plans to make the hardware fully PoE compliant in future, this would be a great feature for my use case as most places I install them have PoE+ switches and I have to request power outlets even though the switch is ready to provide power.

Thanks again.

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by anonymous

Hi good day!,

Regarding to your question what is the meaning of "The device is NOT COMPLIANT with the IEEE 802.3at standard" meaning our router cannot power up devices connected to it because it is only having Passive-POE it can be powered by POE Injector like this one on this link: PPOE Injector 

Hope it helps.



So... the router definitely can't be powered from a PoE+ switch?