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Hi So I am working on this for quite a well, and I actually got close but I do experience some unexpected behaviour from the router. I was wondering if anyone could help me out on this? I have 2 RUT950 routers I want to connect to our VPN server with the following configuration. 

Here is a paste of my server config 

I have been working on this for a couple of hours now. I made some progress from other issues. Can anyone tell me what the next (and supposedly) final step is? 

See my router config below 


2 Answers

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please generate the troubleshoot file and send to me via private message.

Go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and click Download.

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by anonymous
I see that you have specified a remote server in OpenVPN configuration but the remote server is not available. I sent a PING command, but I received no response. Does this remote host need to be accessible or does it only work on your network?
Hey we changed the server this morning but my collageu hasn't update the DNS yet we do have it working now. I only have one issue left. The RUT doesn't allow connections at the moment from hosts within the VPN. I will give the documentation of what I did tomorrow.