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by anonymous
I need a Gateway that will work with AT&T LTE in the US. I'm planning on using it with Zabbix to send more urgent messages to a couple of people, we'd like this to work, even if the network is down. This is why we've decided to use a actual LTE device. Zabbix is running on a physical box, can we do direct AT commands through the serial RS232 port of the RUT955? I know there might be more ideal devices, but it doesn't seem that any support all the AT&T LTE bands other than the RUT955. Thanks in advance!

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by anonymous

Currently, only RUT240, RUT950, and RUT955 devices are certified to be deployed in the AT&T network. Since the corresponding devices come with the same mobile module, they support the same LTE bands: B2, B4, B12.

All three devices provide a possibility to connect to the modem and send AT commands. To connect to the modem login to the router's CLI and execute the following command: microcom /dev/ttyUSB2

Since RUT955 has RS232 and RS485 ports, it allows sending a certain set of AT commands via the corresponding interfaces. For more information on "Modem" serial type visit Teltonika Wiki:
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by anonymous
I may be able to go with the RUT240 if I decide to use http for SMS post/get. If I decide that it would be simpler to use AT commands with a RS232 cable, the RUT955 seems like the obvious choice. On a reddit thread about the same thing, someone else mentioned using HTTP SMS post/get commands with success.
by anonymous

Yes, SMS messages can be sent via HTTP post/get feature as well. Also, the same task can be accomplished using gsmctl commands.

More information on HTTP post/get can be found here:

For additional information on gsmctl commands visit the following link: