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Hello all,

Using the TRB140 (European version)TRB1400_R_00.01.06.1, I can build an updated image or just make my own user space application.

The question is do I have to update the whole bin image from the WebGUI to just upload my app, or is it valid just to scp the application to the filesystem?

Thank you in advance


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You can uploud your app just by uplouding via scp, but if you update firware while you app is on TRB (even if you select "keep all settings") where is major porbability that after update, your app will do not work or will work unstable. 
Due conserns that I mentioned above, I'm strongly reccomend you to use  latest SDK and compile your own custom FW with your own app in file system.

Latest SDK you can find here.
SDK manual here.


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