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by anonymous
I am using the unit to remote access another router. I've got the mobile part working just fine, the LAN just needs a static IP so I can forward some ports through to VPN to the router connect to the LAN gateway address.

Strange I cannot configure a gateway IP on the LAN port.

I set and IP and then set an Alias IP to the same value as it allows for a gateway address. This apparently crashes the unit and I cannot get back into it and its 2 hrs away.

Should I be using another mode to access the router connected to the RUT LAN ports?

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Regarding to your query i want to suggest:
If you have static public IP you can reach the router connected on LAN using port forwarding.
Secondly if you are using private IP address,you can  reach router after getting managed IP partnered with port forwarding.
Link for zero tier configuration:

Regards ,
Ahmed Rehan 
by anonymous
Yeah, the port forwards are not even working.

Even simple 8291 to my MT router on the LAN port of the Teltonika.

Seems this thing really doesn't function properly if the LAN DHCP is turned off.
Could you please provide me complete topology that how is everything connected and what are the ip addresses and port you are using.