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I am looking for some help with Azure vpn that uses the OpenVPN protocol in combination with RUT955 4G sim router.

I managed to load in the OpenVPN config file and i am able to Ping another device that is connected to the same azure vpn network via the system -- administration --- diagnostics, Network Utilities that is availible in the Teltonika GUI.

So the VPN works.

Now the problem, i cant ping devices that are directly connected to the RUT955 router via the Openvpn connection...

To me it looks like a firewall issue?

But i have already allowed zone forwarding, openvpn to lan.

Still no luck... what is blocking me being able to talk to ANY device that is going to be connected to the RUT955 router directly via the VPN?

EDIT: So now i added another zone forward in the firewall: lan to openvpn.

now i am able to open up the RUT955 Web interface with the IP that is assigned through the vpn network from azure!

BUT this is only possible if i directly connect my laptop to the 4G router.

I still cant acces the webpage through an external device that also has a openvpn session to the same network.
Dont know what to do now :C
Hello can you please tell me what you do to make vpn work with Azure (openvpn). I downlaod the openvpn config file from azure vpn gateway section (point-to-site) and update the file with my client cert and client key (pem format). but the connection did not establish...

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-Do the devices connected to the router have the same subnet as the local address of the router? 

Please describe your topology in more detail.


I will try my best.

Azure VPN

Teltonika local address:

I want a default configuration where anything (wifi and ethernet) is able to a communicate with devices on the other side of the VPN
Routes to your local network (, which is located behind the RUT must be announced on the AzureVPN server.
Otherwise, you will not be able to remotely access the router and the devices connected to it.