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I guess, the example in the manual is for a TZ-BT04 (https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX11_Bluetooth)
i'm configured the Blue coin T with my mobile phone successfully and i was able to pair it in the router's menu, but i can't see any data in "details". so... my question is: how can i obtain the temperature data, especially via cli (ubus call .......)?

thanks for you help/advice

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Could you send me a troubleshoot file? You can find it by going to SYSTEM > ADMINISTRATION > TROUBLESHOOT. You can send it to me via private message.
unfortunately i took the sensor to my HomeOffice and the RUTX11 is still in the orphan office ;-)
i will bring them together asap and provide you the file
Great, please contact me via private message when you will have the troubleshoot file.