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by anonymous

I should make RUT955 a gps provider for multiple devices on the same LAN.

I am excluding to implement requests via JSONRPC, as done by many devices it could be heavy and also each device should know the login credentials and the logic. I also exclude doing this via "HTTPS / HTTP Server Settings" because the stream is sent to a single host.

The ideal would be a sort of gps redirection over network: a TCP server port on the RUT955 with the possibility of multiple connections and without a particular protocol: a client device connects and directly receives the raw data (the textual NMEA sentences) line by line, like a classic gps over serial, simple and efficient.

At present is it manageable or is there any workaround to solve the problem?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
by anonymous

I've tested this simple procedure in "Startup Script Management":

opkg list-installed | grep socat

if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then

  opkg update && opkg install socat

  if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then

     exit 1



socat -u FILE:"/dev/gps" TCP-LISTEN:9877,fork,reuseaddr &

exit 0

This partially works: there is a data read issue with multiple endpoints connected, only one consume data... any idea?

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by anonymous

We don't have a feature like that. Although it might be possible to create it for you. Please contact Teltonika's sales representative regarding the development of this feature.