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I'm using on my Van RUT955 with an External antenna and I been experience for a long time a lot of issues with the data connection, in countries like Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, in some cases, maybe I will get connection may be for very short time, but in gereneral 90% of the time, I get connected to the network but on the status of the router they say no data connection, but the strange thing is when I get into Spain the connection works fine most of the time, lets say 90% of the time is fine. I'm using a sim card from 3, also if I put the sim card in mobile phone they work fine everywhere, but not in the router.  I did check the stettings for the APN and looks like is fine, I don't know if I'm missing something on the configuration or how can I solve this problem.

Many thanks


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First of all make sure both LTE antennas are attached to the router, if you only using one LTE antenna, then please make sure it is attached to the MAIN antenna connector (indication where the MAIN connector is can be found on the top sticker of the router).

Furthermore make sure RUT955 is using latest available firmware version:

Also, in the Network -> Mobile -> Mobile Configuration make sure that Deny data roaming is NOT enabled, if so uncheck it as if it is selected it will prevent router to connect to other operators if it is not in the home network.

If everything that was mentioned is checked and you still encounter issue of router not being able to get data connection, please download troubleshoot file (System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot) when router fails to get data connection and please PM the troubleshoot file to me.

by anonymous
I experience the same issue. With further investigation, I see that mostly there is an issue with the auto APN feature. We would do setup in Belgium, all works. The router travels to Holland, and the connection is not retsored with the local network. When we then go to the router and repeat the setup part of the mobile network, is makes connection.
All our systems use the RUT950 or 955, with all (original) antennas and latest FW.
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by anonymous
First check if your tariff plan suitable to be used in all devices. Second use manual APN set up. Third check if the operator supports the bands you are using. In different countries different bands are used.