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How to set the device settings RUT955.
The datasheet of my slave (relais board) contains the following data:
Modbus RTU Command
Baud rate: 9600 8 NONE 1
Steering hex
Hexadecimal reception
 Set the address is: 01
00 06 40 00 00 01 5c 1b
 The 1st relay open
01 05 00 01 00 9d 9a
Relay 1 closed
01 05 00 01 00 00 9c 0a

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Can you describe your use case? Do you want that router take control of slave device or control commands will be send from remote server using ModBus TCP, MQTT or something else?

If you will be using ModBus TCP master, then go to Services -> RS232/RS485 -> RS485 and configure ModBus gateway and allowed IP's.

If you want for router to take control of slave device, then RUT955 ModBus RTU master functionality can set slave device registers only via Alarm events.
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